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Noele Pace yoga Noele is the owner of Serenity Now Yoga and the primary teacher at the studio. She completed her teacher training in 2002 in Memphis, TN with New York City based OM Yoga's director, Cyndi Lee. Originally a born and bred Jersey girl, Noele moved to Memphis in 1995 to pursue her career in corporate accounting and financial reporting for International Paper Company. Her corporate experience taught her many valuable life skills, but she came to find teaching yoga to be much more rewarding on many different levels. In 2002 Noele quit her corporate job, moved to Charleston and began teaching yoga full time. She opened Serenity Now Yoga in October of 2004.

Noele considers her students to be her greatest teachers, but is also deeply grateful for the teachings of Cyndi Lee, Andrey Lappa, Rodney Yee and Georg Feuerstein. Noele has found yoga to be her personal path towards living as a more fully evolved human being and finds it a great privilege to be able to share the experience of her own journey with others.
Tricia Hughey yoga E-RYT 500
In 1994 Tricia decided to leave the cold Pennsylvania winters behind, packed up the car (bike in tow) and moved to Charleston. She now calls Mt. Pleasant home, where she lives along with her fuzzy pets. A vegetarian since 1984, Tricia moved to the lowcountry with the hopes of opening a veggie cafe, but as fate would have it she discovered yoga and found her true calling. (She still loves to cook!).

Tricia is now devoted to helping others uncover the abundant benefits of yoga as a life practice. In 2001, Tricia was certified with 200 hours to teach Multi-Disciplinary yoga. The same year she received her certification to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She continued her studies in 2002 completing a 40 hour teacher training with Shiva Rea and a 50 hour teacher training with Doug Swenson. Tricia continues to study and attend workshops on a regular basis. In addition to her students and parents, her favorite teachers include Desiree Rhumbaugh, Sri Dharma Mittra and Yoga master Andrey Lappa. In late 2011, Tricia received her 200 hour certification in Universal Yoga. Most recently Tricia spent 22 hours diving deeper into Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Anatomy with David Keil. Informally, Tricia studies by means of reading, experiential practice with fellow teachers, and life experiences. Tricia teaches vigorous vinyasa classes, universal yoga inspired classes, reflective yin yoga, restorative and gentle yoga classes and offers small group and private instruction.

Tricia's mission: To share techniques and practices not confined to any one specific dogma/ set of rules- but instead offering guidelines for fostering personal growth on and off the yoga mat.
Hannah Hipps yoga Hannah's passion for yoga began in college through self study with books and a 20 minute yoga video. She extended her knowledge and experience by attending yoga classes, workshops and trainings. Hannah received her teacher certificate through Holy Cow Yoga and Holistic Center and is continuing her studies with a focus on the Anusara method of teaching yoga.

The Anusara method encourages students to celebrate the heart and to fall in love with who they are over and over again. Hannah encourages her students to embrace their differences and to see the good in everything and everybody. All of her teachers have inspired her in her life in one way or another. Her greatest influences have been John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sarah Faircloth, Sienna Sherman, Mitchell Bleier, and Stacey Collins.
Jaime DeBiasse yoga Jaime began her yoga practice at the urging of a friend by taking her first class at Serenity Now Yoga in 2005. Her first teachers at the studio were Tom and Noele and after the initial class, she never looked back. Incorporating yoga into her life, both on and off the mat, has brought innumerable positive changes into her life. Realizing the transformation that is possible through yoga Jaime became a certified instructor in order to share this powerful tool with others.

She considers yoga to be the way to know oneself and through this knowledge wisdom, confidence and kindness will surely follow. Jaime aims to have her classes inform, inspire, balance and relax students. She considers Serenity Now Yoga to be her true yoga home and is inspired and rewarded to teach and practice there.
Doryjane Birrer yoga Doryjane began practicing yoga in 2002, drawn at first by the physical practice as a complement to her love of running and mountain biking, as well as by its emphasis on the mind-body connection that was lacking in her career as a professor. Her interests soon evolved to embrace yoga's philosophical, scientific, and spiritual teachings, and she has especially enjoyed exploring the resonances between yoga and her academic work in cultural theory: both realms involve practices for us to observe and "unhook" from conditioned responses to experience in order to live more balanced, ethical, and meaningful lives.

Galvanized by experiencing the benefits of yoga within her own life, Doryjane trained as a teacher on retreat under Andrey Lappa in 2008. Andrey remains her strongest influence and mentor, but she also aspires to the examples of Noele and the teachers at Serenity Now. Their commitment to sharing with students the insights developed through workshops with myriad master teachers, as well as from their own dedicated practices, is a continual source of inspiration. Doryjane encourages her students to keep heart and mind open, aware, and curious during practice, and to be willing to challenge their comfort zones--physical and otherwise--as they translate their experiences on the mat into newly fulfilling ways of being in the world.
Noele Pace Tricia Hughey Hannah Hipps Jaime DeBiasse Doryjane Birrer
Noele Pace Tricia Hughey Hannah Hipps Jaime DeBiasse Doryjane Birrer
Darragh Dunleavy yoga Darragh Dunleavy is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Alliance Instructor. She began her personal practice of Yoga in 1998 under Laurie Clarke of Sun-to-Moon Yoga in Mt. Pleasant. Darragh took her initial instructor training at the East-West School of Yoga in Houston, Texas in 2006 after retiring from teaching in the Charleston County School District.  Darragh is currently enrolled in the Advanced Teacher Training Program at Holy Cow Yoga Center in Charleston, and is certified in Prenatal Yoga. She has been teaching Gentle Yoga both independently and at East Shore Athletic Club since 2007. Darragh is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master.
Suzanne Cabaniss yoga Born in Columbia, SC, Suzanne Cabaniss moved to Charleston in July of 2008. Suzanne attended the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where she attained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in finance. After several years in the "real world," she realized that though she was groomed to be an investment banker and had a passion for numbers, the setting and hours of a profession rooted in her specialty were rigid and did not fulfill her on a personal level.

Suzanne's life was vastly changed by yoga in ways she didn't recognize until they were deeply rooted within her. Yoga helped her get through a difficult time in her life and changed her outlook on... well, pretty much everything. She began practicing regularly, and her passion led her to partake in the 200-hour training program in 2009. She became a certified yoga instructor after a dedicated process of self-study and heightened awareness. Suzanne then went on to study Yin Yoga. She embraced this style of yoga that couples breath and surrender and was fascinated by the shifts that occurred within her body's connective tissue-- almost immediately. Under the guidance of Sarah Powers, she completed the Yin Yoga teacher training program in Chapel Hill, NC in 2010.

In her classes, she emphasizes the importance of staying internally present rather than "going through the motions." Suzanne is quick to prescribe yoga to anyone and everyone (and she does!) for its benefits both on and off the mat.
Samara Bauer yoga I wanted to try yoga for years, but did not know exactly where to start, so I bought a yoga video and a mat but just did not "feel it". A few years later, I decided to try a class at my gym…and that was it, I was "hooked". I loved how peaceful I felt just hanging in Uttanasana. Originally, I wanted to heal a repetitive stress injury from years of working as a Medical Aesthetician, but by the third class, I realized there was much more happening. Not only was my body feeling better but so were my heart and my mind! I had finally found some stillness. I wanted to learn as much as possible and set a goal to enter teacher training as a result of those first few classes. I received my 230 hour Yoga Teacher Certification from the Asheville Yoga Center in 2010 under the guidance of Stephanie Keach. I am also certified to teach Yin Yoga, Restorative and Prenatal Yoga and completed my 500 hour Advanced Teacher Training with Stephanie Keach at AYC in March 2015.

For me, yoga is not only about the physical practice but also about reconnecting with yourself, calming the mind and finding some inner peace. My intention is to teach from a place of understanding, compassion and acceptance. Although, we all come from a different set of life experiences, I believe we are all searching for the same thing, a little peace and happiness, and a connection to others. My classes are playful, interactive and inspired by my own love of different traditions, such as Power Vinyasa, Bhakti Flow, Ashtanga, Anusara and alignment based practices. I love the freedom and creativity of yoga, so each class will be unique and fun. I strive to help my students turn inward, find a little balance and reconnect to their true self. Witnessing a student's bliss, or seeing them have an "ah-ha" moment on their mat is truly an honor. Seeing happiness and a sense of calmness wash over them is a blessing and has inspired me to soften my own practice. When life starts to get the best of you…just come to your mat.
Leticia Padmasri yoga Letícia Padmasri is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, a certified advanced Integral Hatha Yoga teacher, and a certified Raja Yoga teacher. She holds a bachelor's degree in exercise science, a master's degree in education, and has dedicated many years towards the study of exercise physiology. She combines her love for the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda with her interest in the body's structure and function, helping students of all levels adapt their practices to achieve optimal health and total well-being. In addition to being one of Yogaville's primary teacher trainers, she also offers workshops and seminars in the USA and Brazil.
Colbie down dog Colbie joined Serenity Now Yoga in 2008 after spending six months at Pet Helpers on Folly Road. For the previous ten years she had been forced to breed puppies for a puppy mill in rural South Carolina. With much love patience and understanding from her new family and the wonderful students and teachers at Serenity Now she learned to trust, communicate and enjoy her life to the fullest. You could often find her greeting students, relaxing on the couch, snuggling up to Lizzie, her golden retriever friend or helping her mom, Noele, teach class. You might even have caught her dancing, she loved Krishna Das! Colbie died in December of 2011 from congestive heart failure. She is deeply missed. Her greatest message was that it's never too late to open your heart and learn to love. Please help other sweet spirits like Colbie by making pet adoption your first option.
Darraugh Dunleavy Suzanne Cabaniss Samara Bauer Leticia Padmasri Colbie
Darragh Dunleavy Suzanne Cabaniss Samara Bauer Letícia Padmasri Colbie