Beginner Keep a beginner's mind! Great if you're just starting out or looking for a softer practice with more detailed instruction. We will cover basic yoga philosophy and postures.

Beginner/Intermediate Bridge the transition from beginner to intermediate level classes, or just brush up on your basics. This class will introduce intermediate level postures at a slower pace than our more aerobic classes.

Intermediate Move to the next level. This is a more aerobic class that will help build endurance and introduce more challenging postures. Previous yoga experience highly recommended.

Gentle Similar to a beginner class with less emphasis on strengthening poses and more stretching.

Yin Yoga Yin Yoga focuses on releasing the connective tissue that runs throughout the body, holding the body together like netting. It is a passive practice of mostly seated and supine postures held between 2 and 20 minutes. It is an excellent practice for athletes, experienced yogis and newbie yogis as well. Some of the benefits are increased flexibility and joint mobility, reduced stress and anxiety and better sleep. Class includes a short meditation with instruction.

Restorative Yoga An hour of blissful relaxation! Long held, fully supported yoga poses to encourage rejuvenation and restoration after your hectic work week or before the stressful weekend. These poses stimulate a deep parasympathetic response and are appropriate for anyone of any age wanting to unwind and sleep better.

Deep Stretch In this mixed level class we will explore mobility of the hips, shoulders and spine. This is a vinyasa-free practice (no chaturangas or updogs here). Through both active and passive stretching (Ha-Tha) we will move our major joints in all ranges of motion.